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Planning For Our Own Wedding

We’ve always wanted a small intimate wedding, like a small garden party in our backyard. Or if that’s too much, we won’t mind having dinner at a restaurant with just our small families.

But it seems that our parents hold a different set of rules – a different set of standard of living in the society. They need to invite those who’ve invited them to their party. They need to invite their uncles, their aunts, their cousins, their cousins of cousins. Pretty much, everyone they know.

Our views don’t seem to match with our parents. So things just couldn’t go as planned. We chose to follow theirs, and think of it as our parents’ party, not ours. That is just how they celebrate us, and don’t worry, we’ll find another way to celebrate our own marriage, but it’s just not with those tiring procession. You know, even just the thought of it makes us extremely drained.

So with all those invitees, we didn’t think a garden party will do. So we opted for a ballroom, not the biggest in town for sure. But it’s just enough for our need.

We knew nothing about a wedding. We simply didn’t know where to start because.. we didn’t know what to prepare, what vendors have good reputations. We don’t even know how to get married – do we need to do it religiously? Because obviously, both of us are not religious kind of person. Or can we just do it by law, without the religious ceremony?

We found that you can’t do that in Indonesia. The easiest thing you can do if you refuse to do any religious ceremony is to go to Singapore and get married by law, and when you get back to Indonesia, you can apply for a marriage certificate.

We once even thought about getting married in Las Vegas (we heard there are some drive-thru wedding chapels there, lol) so we could avoid the party. But turned out, it’s just not as practical as we thought.

So anyway, long story short, we’ve now got all of those things sorted our pretty much roughly. And we think it would be nice if we could share our insights with you, just in case you’re about to plan your own wedding (without the wedding organizer) anytime in the future.

Fredric and Sharon

So, Why Don’t We Just Use a Wedding Organizer?

We are aware that a lot of people suggest that we use wedding organizer’s service as it will make our job easier. We don’t have to look for the vendors ourselves. We don’t have to do a one-to-one communication to the vendors. The wedding organizer will do it all.

So we tried contacting some organizers and even managed to meet one. The first impression was okay. I mean, it was over the top. They made us understand about wedding party more, about what we better prepare, about other possibilities and all that. And we are so glad that we met them in person.

But there are several things that bother us and we decided to not using any wedding organizer services. It’s just our preference, nothing is personal.

And besides, we know pretty much what we want – which is far from complicated so we think we can handle it ourselves.

What Vendors Are There in the Market?

From that moment, we tried searching for some vendors. We found some that we really like for makeup, photographers, and invitation. We had a deal with each of them and we thought, hey maybe we don’t need a wedding organizer? We can organize them all before D-Day, and on our wedding day, we just have to ask some cousins or relatives to help us doing some important easy things! We wish it’ll be that simple or else we’ll be doomed, lol.

We were pretty overwhelmed to find that there are just a lot of aspect to customize about. And the list never ends!

Anyway, here are some of the list that we finally come up with. Just to give you the rough idea of what to prepare for a wedding. Please not that this is a pretty short list, we found those on the internet is way more complicated. There are a lot more to take care of, but we really want to make it simple.

Fredric and Sharon Wedding

Jewelry or a.k.a Wedding Ring

We bought ours from They don’t have any showroom in Indonesia, that’s how they cut their cost and how they are able to offer us much lower price than the normal store. You can customize the design, and you can even pre-order your rings to get 30% discount off from the normal price *that’s important*

We don’t want the ugly looking wedding band, and we want to cut our cost by just having a wedding ring (without engagement ring). So we decided to have this design for our wedding ring:

What we think about marriage

Venue and Catering

When the two of you have got the wedding date, the first thing to do is to ask the availability of the venue. In a smaller city like Jambi, there’s not much to choose and often time you have to rush it or otherwise you’ll lose it to another couple. The earlier, the better.

You need to check if the venue (in our case, a small ballroom) provide meals or if we need to find a catering service. You need to check if Wedding Cake is provided by the venue, or if we need to buy it ourselves.

We are so lucky that our dear friend Nadya Selamat from @nanacakeboutique will be giving us a wedding cake as a gift! We couldn’t be happier!!! Anyway, in case you haven’t, go follow her IG. You’ll be amazed of her work, always.

Gifts For Guests

We think this one is really optional. But somehow people demands it, we don’t know why. We’re planning to bake our own cookies for souvenirs. And what we mean by we is actually Sharon (@bakemorecakes)

Photography & Videography

We’re lucky to find @mystoryphotovideo from a friend! We really like their works and their tones. So yes, we can’t wait to welcome them to Jambi. They are based in Bandung, FYI.


You don’t have to print it all, just ask beforehand for the invitees if they want the hardcopy version or if softcopy is okay for them. We got ours from @tapestryinvitation. They design the most beautiful invitation ever!!


Do you need a band with a singer or just a CD? Some people even have dancers and magician, which is just too much for us. So no, we won’t have that. Master of Ceremony is pretty crucial if you’re having a party at a ballroom. Or otherwise, it’ll go *krik..krik…krik*

Lighting & Decoration

Decorations: We use the standard decoration provided by the venue because custom decoration is just ridiculously expensive. It could easily go from Rp 50mio and above!

Lightning: We don’t know why the venue doesn’t provide lightning. There are just some standard downlights and it won’t be sufficient for such event. So we’re adding some more lightning from a local vendor here in Jambi.

And in case you wonder, no, we don’t do a pre-wedding photo shoot. We really just take it slow and simple because it’s not the wedding day that matters the most, it’s the life after <3

Anyway, it’s now roughly two months before the day! We are nervous! (No actually we’re not).



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