Planning For Our Own Wedding

We’ve always wanted a small intimate wedding, like a small garden party in our backyard. Or if that’s too much, we won’t mind having dinner at a restaurant with just our small families.

But it seems that our parents hold a different set of rules – a different set of standard of living in the society. They need to invite those who’ve invited them to their party. They need to invite their uncles, their aunts, their cousins, their cousins of cousins. Pretty much, everyone they know.

Our views don’t seem to match with our parents. So things just couldn’t go as planned. We chose to follow theirs, and think of it as our parents’ party, not ours. That is just how they celebrate us, and don’t worry, we’ll find another way to celebrate our own marriage, but it’s just not with those tiring procession. You know, even just the thought of it makes us extremely drained.

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