We Got a New Dog! Hello, Toto!

Earlier this January, Fred’s uncle suddenly gave him this cute puppy that he got from his friend. The little puppy is a boy and said to be a mixed breed from Dachshund and “Kampung” dog which is, a local dog here in Indonesia (and probably Malaysia too!). Kampung┬ádog is often seen as a stray dog or the one who live in the farm. But Fred’s cousin got two Kampung dogs at home and this little one joined the family.

Fred’s aunt calls him “Pluto”, but we prefer “Toto”. So, Toto, it is. We even made an Instagram account for him lol. Go check @totopotato if you are interested. *hoping that someday he will be famous and some expensive dog food brand will endorse him* It’s for your own good, Toto. It’s for your own good…

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