We Tied The Knot

To everyone’s surprise, we finally tied the knot last Valentine’s day. It was just a simple ceremony at a local temple here in Jambi. It even only took one hour for the whole procession!

The ceremony here in Indonesia, we noticed, normally take time at the same day of the reception, but we think it’s completely okay to hold it at a different time just so that it is not very hectic on the morning of the party. So we chose Valentine’s Day because… why not?

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Planning For Our Own Wedding

We’ve always wanted a small intimate wedding, like a small garden party in our backyard. Or if that’s too much, we won’t mind having dinner at a restaurant with just our small families.

But it seems that our parents hold a different set of rules – a different set of standard of living in the society. They need to invite those who’ve invited them to their party. They need to invite their uncles, their aunts, their cousins, their cousins of cousins. Pretty much, everyone they know.

Our views don’t seem to match with our parents. So things just couldn’t go as planned. We chose to follow theirs, and think of it as our parents’ party, not ours. That is just how they celebrate us, and don’t worry, we’ll find another way to celebrate our own marriage, but it’s just not with those tiring procession. You know, even just the thought of it makes us extremely drained.

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A Highlight of 2016

Here we are, at the end of the year. Just like last year, we like to look back and see what we’ve done throughout the year. What gone wrong, what gone unexpectedly well. 2016 has been an awesome year for us. It’s a crazy one, to be honest.

We started the year with a trip with Fred’s family. We went to Hongkong, Macau, and Beijing. And then both of us went to Manila for an extended trip.

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Walked Along the Southern Ridges of Singapore

It’s weird that we’ve never been bored going to Singapore. We like how neat the city is, how pleasant commuting can be, how much time we can spend enjoying our life instead of stressing about small things.

This time on our one week trip to Singapore, we have another goal. It’s to be more active, meaning that we want to sit less, walk more, and enjoy our surroundings more than we enjoy stalking people on social media.

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What It Feels Like to Live in Chiang Mai for a Month

When we first heard the word “Chiang Mai”, we thought it’s somewhere in China or Vietnam. But later we found that it’s actually a small beautiful city in Northern Thailand. We figured out that the city is actually quite popular among digital nomads, but not quite as famous among Indonesian. That’s why we never heard much about it. In fact, we never heard about it before pergidulu invited us to go along with them. “It’s a beautiful city! You’ll be productive working there and you’ll love it”, they said.

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Bali! It All Started Here

Years ago, we decided to apply for an internship program in Bali. It was our third year of uni and we thought, why now try somewhere fun? It doesn’t have to be a big giant sparkly company, we just wanted to experience what it feels like to be working at the office while still enjoying the city. Jakarta was obviously not on our list. We thought about Bali and luckily, both of us were accepted by the same company. We couldn’t believe our luck!

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DIY : We Made Our Own Wooden Plant Stand!

Since we moved back to Jambi about a year ago, things have gotten a bit slower for us. It feels like we have all the time to enjoy ourselves and to enjoy what life gives us. None of us do the 8 to 5 office work now, so we do things we want the way we want anytime we want. We read more books, eat healthy food more often, go to the movies, and yeah, we appreciate each other better. Life feels great this way.

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