Cute Black Puppy

We Got a New Dog! Hello, Toto!

Earlier this January, Fred’s uncle suddenly gave him this cute puppy that he got from his friend. The little puppy is a boy and said to be a mixed breed from Dachshund and “Kampung” dog which is, a local dog here in Indonesia (and probably Malaysia too!). Kampung dog is often seen as a stray dog or the one who live in the farm. But Fred’s cousin got two Kampung dogs at home and this little one joined the family.

Fred’s aunt calls him “Pluto”, but we prefer “Toto”. So, Toto, it is. We even made an Instagram account for him lol. Go check @totopotato if you are interested. *hoping that someday he will be famous and some expensive dog food brand will endorse him* It’s for your own good, Toto. It’s for your own good…

He likes to eat anything sweet (like this Pandan cake).

And these cookies he has been peeking ever since he got here although he got two of them almost every morning.

Toto the dog

And just like any other dogs, he hates bath time. Even a wet wipes would scare him!

Dog Hates Taking A Bath
@totopotato Hates Wet Wipes

And oh, he sleeps most of the time. He could sleep like, 6 hours straight right after lunch until almost dinner time. Sometimes he sleeps with his bread.

He also likes to be patted on the head. Sometimes he falls asleep right after. HE SLEEPS ALL THE TIME, SERIOUSLY!

Toto Lovely Dog at Home

When he got home, he is so tiny and full of ticks. You know, those tiny creatures who like to hang out with your dogs and suck his blood. We (and what we mean by we is actually Sharon) had to struggle to kill all those ticks and made sure Toto is fully recovered. Now he is way better, although we still spot one or two ticks behind his ears. A week ago, some tiny ticks would crawl onto the floors whenever Toto sleeps or lie for a moment. It was scary. (Is it mites or tick? We are not sure). There are still some inside his ears and we’re not sure how to pick or kill some of those. Hmm.

Toto Potato the black dog

Toto likes to sleep on our furry mat. Sometimes he uses it as a bed, sometimes he uses it as a pillow, and sometimes as a blanket. When he feels cold (he sleeps in this curling donut shape), Sharon put the mat on him and he’ll stretch his body and feel relax afterward. He’s cute!

Sharon did train him to “sit”. It was hard at first because obviously, he didn’t know what “sit” means. So what she did, is keep telling him to sit and when he accidentally sat, Sharon would give him a treat. Until….. he can sit when we told him to. It’s fun!

Now we are training him to die. Not like die, die. But when we said “dor!” or “bang!”, we expect him to lie down pretending to be dead. This one is hard. He still hasn’t got it right.

First time having dog
Sharon’s sister wanted to kiss Toto and he was hesitated, lol

Toto doesn’t like to sleep outside, there was one time when we left him on our working room because he refuses to go out. So he slept alone in our room that night. The next morning, we found our sofa, door, and window frames scratched. And when someone opened the door for him, he quickly ran outside and did his business on the grass (pooping!). Thank goodness he didn’t do on our sofa. I would hate him for that.

Dog at Home
Toto hates taking picture on Chinese New Year

Toto has been an easy dog to take care of. He never barks, he never gets angry, he never poops inside our room, he “only” peed twice on our door mat. He never licks us (except in the morning when Sharon came, he always wants to lick her in the face). He is adorable!!!

So we are planning to make a little gift for me. It’s a tiny dog door so that he could sleep inside and go out himself whenever he needs to. Right, Toto?

So yes, we’ll keep you updated when the door is ready! <3




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